What The Fuck Is Going On?

In case you haven’t noticed or are just pretending not to notice, this past week was an absolute shitstorm for the White House. There have been so many breaking developments in the last week that I literally do not have time to dive into them all. The Trump presidency has been EXHAUSTING, but somehow this past week, Trump managed to raise the bar even higher when it comes to scandal. 
There is so much going on here and there is still a lot that we are going to find out in the near and distant future. Of course, at this point, the allegations against Trump’s collusion with Russia have gotten much more serious in a scandal that myself and many others are calling “Stupid Watergate.” The reason being is that this Trump scandal has all the potential intrigue of Watergate, but everyone involved in the scandal is staggeringly stupid and incompetent.

So let’s begin…


Trump invited Russian officials Sergey Kislyak and Sergei Lavrov to the White House for a meeting at the request of Russian President resident Vladimir Putin. It is there where according to the Washington Post, Trump boasted about the intelligence he receives on a daily basis and then shared “code word information” with Lavrov and Kislyak. Whether intentional or inadvertent, this raises a huge red flag. Trump has since defended his actions by simply saying that he has the right to do so.


It wasn’t supposed to be possible for there to a bigger scandal so shortly after what came out on Monday, but yet Trump continues to amaze and astonish us all. Because on Tuesday, former FBI director James Comey had a written memo of one of his encounters with Trump in February in which Trump allegedly asked Comey to pledge his loyalty to him and also asked him to drop the FBI’s investigation of former National Security adviser Michael Flynn.

This was HUGE, because Flynn was fired after it was discovered that he discussed sanctions with Russian officials during the Trump transition. He lied about this to the media, the FBI, and to Vice President Mike Pence. And still, Trump was warned over and over again not to select Flynn as his National Security adviser by then-President Barack Obama, former attorney general Sally Yates, and even fucking Michael Flynn himself! 


While not nearly as impactful as the rest of the week, Trump gave the commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy and pretty much used the platform to bitch about how he was being treated in the media.

“No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has ever been treated worse or more unfairly.”

Donald Trump (5/17/17)

First of all, “surety” isn’t a word. Second of all, turning a commencement speech for Coast Guard cadets into your own personal pity party is as disrespectful as it is pathetic.

But the really big news of Wednesday was the Justice Department appointing former FBI director Robert Muller as a special counsel to conduct an independent investigation into the Trump/Russia allegations. 


Aside from James Comey blatantly trying to hide from Trump before giving him the world’s most awkward handshake, we were amazingly all clear on Thursday. No major developments.


Trump left for his first overseas trip as President to Saudi Arabia. The trip is scheduled for nine days but shortly after he took off, the New York Times reported that according to an official White House document, Trump bragged about firing James Comey, calling him a “nut job.” 

But what is really, really, really concerning is that in that same document, Trump allegedly told Russian officials “I just fired the head of the FBI…I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”

And finally to cap off this hell week, the New York Times reported that the Justice Department has identified one current White House staffer as a “person of interest” in the Russia investigation. We do not know who this person is and that story is still developing but it shows that there has been some progress made into the probe.

So Now What?

For the first time, the prospect of impeachment has continued to rise into whispers of conversations regarding Trump. At least two members of his own party have already suggested that he has committed an impeachable offense but I would not get your hopes up. Impeaching a president is a difficult task. The House of Representatives has to have a majority vote to impeach the president, then the Senate has to have 2/3 majority in order to convict the president and remove him from office, but both the House and the Senate are controlled by Republicans at the moment and seeing Trump go down would be catastrophic for their party. Impeachment isn’t out of the question, but frankly, it’s a long shot.


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